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Practical - Constam Lab


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Constam Daniel




Every year


3-day Block course, every year in January. To register, contact EDMS Administration 


During development, cell fates are governed by multiple microenvironmental cues and their integration by specific signal transduction pathways. This course focuses on imaging of mechanosensory cilia or of molecules implicated in specific signal transduction events during mammalian embryogenesis.


A theoretical introduction will summarize known roles of one of several specific signal transduction pathways in mammalian embryogenesis and their relevance for cancer and other diseases. Students will then transfect cultured cells and microdissect mouse embryos or organs under a stereomicroscope for live imaging of either cilia-induced signaling events or of a FRET-based biosensor of proteolytic activities. It is recommended to enquire in advance on which of these systems the course will focus on because this choice will be adapted to evolving research priorities at the time of the actual experiment.

The student will be enabled to:


Note that while the course is open to all first year EPFL doctoral students, priority will be given to EDMS students, given that they are mandated to take three of EDMS practical modules. Note also that doctoral students from the Constam laboratory cannot take this course. Access is limited to 3 students.


Embryogenesis, cancer, proteases, TGFb signaling, primary cilia, imaging

Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

Basics of molecular and cell biology.

Assessment methods

Quiz (multiple choice questions)



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      Exercise, TP
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