HUM-459 / 3 credits

Teacher: Isaac Manuel Gustavo

Language: English

Withdrawal: It is not allowed to withdraw from this subject after the registration deadline.

Remark: Une seule inscription à un cours SHS+MGT autorisée. En cas d'inscriptions multiples elles seront toutes supprimées sans notification.


In Spring, students work on either a joint or an individual project of their choice, in agreement with the teachers and under their supervision. Depending on the nature of the project, the latter could be realized in collaboration with other EPFL researchers.


Learning Prerequisites

Required courses


Recommended courses


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

  • Recognize the ethical issues that engineers may encounter in their professional activities.
  • Use ethical concepts and tools in order to form their own ethical judgement in the matter.
  • Defend practicable solutions

Transversal skills

  • Demonstrate the capacity for critical thinking
  • Make an oral presentation.
  • Write a literature review which assesses the state of the art.
  • Write a scientific or technical report.
  • Plan and carry out activities in a way which makes optimal use of available time and other resources.
  • Assess progress against the plan, and adapt the plan as appropriate.

Teaching methods

Students will be taught by 3 methods:

  1. They will be given a weekly introductory course given in English, aiming at providing them the "nuts and bolts" that they need to pursue their projects (Winter)
  2. They will benefit from the coaching of experts, while developing their own project. (Winter/Spring)
  3. They will be given time to develop their project as they wish (Winter/Spring)


Assessment methods

The second evaluation, at the end of Spring, bears on the advancement made of the project, the written report, the final oral presentation and discussion.



Office hours No
Assistants Yes
Forum Yes


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)



see Ethics of Engineering I for links to literature

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In the programs

  • Semester: Spring
  • Number of places: 60
  • Exam form: During the semester (summer session)
  • Subject examined: The ethics of engineering II
  • Project: 3 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks
  • Type: mandatory

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