BIO-652 / 1 crédit

Enseignant: Ramdya Pavan P

Langue: Anglais

Remark: Next time in 2025-26 Zoom meeting times will be determined according to the professor and participants availabilities.


Every 3 years


Planning Your Scientific Journey: Being successful as a scientist requires more than acquiring knowledge and developing experimental skills. It also requires: (1) asking a good scientific question, (2) establishing a clear plan of action, and (3) seeking advice along the way.


The course entails a small group of students watching the on-line videos made by scientists, then doing written exercises, and finally discussing these exercises and videos with the course moderator. It should take ~3 hrs per week for 6 weeks.


Evaluation will be comprised of graded exercises and class participation.  Attendance to all sessions is mandatory.


There is very limited place:  To sign up for the course please send a brief 1/2 page justification for why you want to take the course. Please include your matriculation date. The course is aimed at students who are in the early stages of their PhD.


IMPORTANT:  Once you have been approved by the course professor, the EDNE administrator will sign you up for the course in your student portal.  Do not sign yourself up

Dans les plans d'études

  • Nombre de places: 6
  • Forme de l'examen: Ecrit & Oral (session libre)
  • Matière examinée: Planning your scientific journey
  • Cours: 18 Heure(s)
  • Type: optionnel

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