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Introduction to Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy of III-V semiconductors


Lecturer(s) :

Cantoni Marco
Dwir Benjamin
Grandjean Nicolas
Leran Jean-Baptiste
Rudra Alok




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This course offers an insight into the science of epitaxial growth, a chapter of surface science requiring basic understanding of thermodynamics, crystallography, electronic and optical properties of semiconductors.


The course will cover the following chapters:

    1. Overview of the MOVPE process (2h)
        a. Atomic level growth processes
            i. Adsorption and desorption
            ii. Adatom and step motion
            iii. Surfactant effects
        b. Influence of surface processes
            i. Growth modes
            ii. Dopant incorporation
            iii. Selective growth
            iv. Non-planar growth   

    2. Instrumentation (3h)
        a. Overall architecture
        b. Source molecules
            i. Group III
            ii. Goup V sources
        c. Gas distribution
        d. Growth chambers
        e. Growth parameters
        f. Safety management
        g. Lab visit

    3. Epitaxial layer characterisation (3h)
        a. Visible light microscopy
        b. Scanning probe microscopy (AFM, STM)
        c. Scanning Electron Microscopy
        d. Transmission Electron Microscopy
        e. X ray diffractometry
        f. Photoluminescence spectroscopy
        g. Chemical profiling

    4. Specific materials (3h)
        a. GaAs & related alloys
        b. InP & related alloys
        c. III-V nitrides

    5. Examples of GaAs based nanostructures (3h)
        a. Pyramidal quantum Dots
        b. Selective area growth of nanowires


Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) is one of the main fabrication techniques of a large variety of widely studied semiconductor materials of key relevance for modern optoelectronic devices


Epitaxy, III-V semiconductors, nanostructures



"Organometallic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy: theory and practice", Academic Press, 2nd Ed., 1999 - G.B. Stringfellow

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