CH-605 / 1 crédit

Enseignant: Mazzanti Marinella

Langue: Anglais

Remark: Next time: Spring 2023


Only this year


The course will consist on a series of seminars from leading scientists in the broad field of Inorganic Chemistry. It will cover all areas of Inorganic Chemistry (coordination chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, materials, catalysis, MOFS ) with strong focus on molecular chemistry.



Virtual course


Coordination Chemistry, organometallic chemistry, transition metals, catalysis, physical inorganic chemistry, magnetism

Learning Prerequisites

Important concepts to start the course

Basic Inorganic chemistry

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

  • Take into consideration leading research done in the field of Inorganic Chemistry and understand the key concepts and level of research done by leaders in the field
  • Expound

Dans les plans d'études

  • Forme de l'examen: Mémoire (session libre)
  • Matière examinée: Inorganic Chemistry Virtual Seminar Series
  • Cours: 7 Heure(s)
  • TP: 14 Heure(s)

Semaine de référence