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Inorganic chemistry "Fundamentals and properties"


Lecturer(s) :

Dyson Paul Joseph
Mazzanti Marinella
Severin Kay




Every 3 years


Next time: Fall semester 2019


To present and discuss important recent contributions in the field of inorganic chemistry with an emphasis on fundamental aspects and properties.Literature seminars based on selected publications,emanating from the last 12 months, preceded by introduction and followed by a group discussion.


The topics covered in this course will include recent advances in the field of:
1. Bioinorganic chemistry (e.g. structure/function correlations and reaction mechanisms.
2. Organometallic systems (e.g. non-linear optical properties and novel electronic and magnetic properties).
3. Supramolecular coordination chemistry (e.g. new functional materials by self-assembly, the adaptive behavior of dynamic systems).
4. Inorganic/organometallic polymers.
5. Theoretical methods (e.g. the development of new methods and their application to inorganic/organometallic systems).
The specific content will be chosen by the instructors and will be renewed every year. The ethics of publishing will also be discussed.


Next session Spring semester 2020


Inorganic, Organometallic, Materials, Catalysis, Spectroscopy, Theory.

Learning Prerequisites

Important concepts to start the course

Masters level knowledge of inorganic/organometallic chemistry.

In the programs

Reference week

      Exercise, TP
      Project, other


  • Autumn semester
  • Winter sessions
  • Spring semester
  • Summer sessions
  • Lecture in French
  • Lecture in English
  • Lecture in German