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Innosuisse Business Concept


Lecturer(s) :

Various lecturers




Next courses and Registration: Next time: Fall session : 18 September to 18 December 2018 Spring Session : 19 February to 5 June 2019


The Innosuisse Business Concept program, designed for ambitious researchers, students & faculty members of Swiss Universities and research institutes, is a fast track and hands on entrepreneurship training taught by seasoned entrepreneurs.


One day bootcamp of 12 hours to present and compete for winning venture ideas, to form project teams at the beginning of the training program.

In 10 sessions of training, followed by individual project coaching*, you will learn practical tools to transform a project idea step-by-step into a concrete business concept.

* two coaching sessions per team

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

Apply the gained knowledge to real life business projects and eventually create or work for startups.



The number of participants is limited and your application is subject to a selection process.


Entrepreneurship; Startup; Business skills

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses

You are inspired to embrace the exhilarating career of CREATING or WORKING FOR a start-up. You are interested in working on your own business project or in joining another project team during the course period.

Assessment methods

Project Report and oral presentation



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Reference week

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