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Cosmology: Dark and Luminous Matters


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Courbin Frédéric
Jablonka Pascale




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Two of the most important problems in modern astrophyiscs and cosmology are (i) galaxy formation and their evolution with time and (ii) the study of the distribution and the nature of dark matter and dark energy in the Universe.


A) Gravitational Lensing as a Tool for Astrophysics and Cosmology

  1. Phenomenology and history
  2. Basic equations
  3. Multiple images, Fermat's principle, magnification, time delays
  4. Quasar lensing
  5. Lensing by individual galaxies: dark matter and substructures
  6. Microlensing by stars
  7. Extragalactic microlensing
  8. Microlensing searches for exoplanets
  9. Lensing by galaxy clusters
  10. Gravitational lensing as a natural telescope
  11. Weak gravitational lensing: principles and applications
  12. Weak gravitational lensing: detection and analysis methods
  13. Weak lensing by large scale structures
  14. Gravitational lensing and cosmology : a bright future

B) Galaxy Evolution : Stellar Populations and Cosmology

  1. The different classes of galaxies and their components
  2. Evolution of morphologies
  3. Basic equations of chemical evolu-tion
  4. The star formation rate
  5. The initial mass function
  6. First stars
  7. The chemical abundances
  8. Integrated stellar populations
  9. Resolved stellar populations
  10. The first galaxies
  11. Stellar populations and dynamical models
  12. Popula-tion synthesis
  13. Chemo-dynamical simulations
  14. Large structures of the Universe


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cosmology; astrophysics; galaxies; gravitational lensing; stellar population; dark matter

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master in astrophysics or physics



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      Cosmology: Dark and Luminous Matters
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