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CCMX Winter School - Additive Manufacturing of Metals and the Material Science Behind It


Lecturer(s) :

Ceriotti Michele
Logé Roland
Various lecturers




Every year


This course is designed to cover a series of important scientific aspects related to the field of additive manufacturing of metals and alloys and to provide an in-depth review of corresponding fundamentals. It features 9 modules consisting of presentations given by lecturers and the participants.


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Additive manufactuing, metals, atomistic modelling, rapid solidification, alloys for additive manufacturing, in situ experiments,

Laser/e-beam - material interactions

Atomistic modelling of solidification in out-of-equilibrium conditions

Fundamentals of rapid solidification

Optimization of alloys for AM

In situ experiments with Xrays and neutrons at large facilities

Post-treatments, microstructure evolutions and properties

EBM processing and contrast with the SLM approach

Important aspects to be considered in industrial applications


The course is organised as a 5 day retreat to allow for extensive informal interactions.

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses

Participants should be educated in materials science and engineering, physics, mechanical engineering or physical chemistry to benefit the most from this course.

Assessment methods

Oral presentation (prepared based upon a series of publications provided by the lecturers)



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       Oral presentation
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      CCMX Winter School - Additive Manufacturing of Metals and the Material Science Behind It
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      20 Hour(s)
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      8 Hour(s)

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