PHYS-746 / 2 crédits

Enseignant: Wulzer Andrea

Langue: Anglais

Remark: Next time: Fall 2021


Every 2 years


The course offers a conceptually and methodologically advanced overview of the Standard Model and of some of its extensions. It provides the students with the basic tools and with the first elements of "Beyond the SM" model-building and phenomenology.



Examination procedure: oral + exercices


Higgs Model, Beyond the Standard Model, Effective Field Theory, High-Energy

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses

Basic knowledge of the Standard Model and of Quantum Field Theory is required

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

  • Appreciate those aspects that make the Standard Higgs Model unique as a description of Electroweak interactions and of Electroweak symmetry breaking
  • Gain concepts and tools needed to design further experimental test of the Higgs model at the LHC and future colliders.

Dans les plans d'études

  • Forme de l'examen: Oral (session libre)
  • Matière examinée: Before and Behind the Standard Model
  • Cours: 28 Heure(s)

Semaine de référence