Technology and Public Policy - (a) Science, technology and society


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The course offers a broad introduction to science, technology and society from a historical and epistemological perspective, sensitizing the students to the relationships between technology and society in a broad sense (economics, politics, culture).


Science, Technology and Society -- in short STS -- studies the interrelations between these three elements. In particular, STS looks at how economic, social, political and cultural conditions shape science and technology and how, in turn, science and technology shape society.

STS has evolved over time and this evolution will be reflected in the course: from a purely historical approach in the early 1960s showing how technology emerged in particular societal contexts, STS focused as of the second half of the 1960s on philosophical and epistomological questions (e.g., scientific revolutions as taking place in a societal context). In the context of the social movements of the late 1960s, STS opened up to other disciplines such as sociology, anthropology and political science. More recently, STS focused more on helping scientists and engineers understand the social and political contexts in which their knowledge and technologies come to be applied.

This course offers a broad introduction to the field of STS studies, by placing science and technology within their different historical and societal contexts and this from the perspective of how STS has itself evolved over time.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

¿ to be knowledgeable about the various infrastructure policies and regulations, the nature of policies and regulation in these sectors, as well as the dynamics of both the industries and corresponding policies and regulations; capable of executing a corresponding personal analysis


Science, technology, society



Finger, M. & Ch. Jaag (eds.) (2015). The Routledge Companion on Network Industries. London: Routledge

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