MICRO-720 / 2 credits

Teacher: Kayal Maher

Language: English

Remark: Cours supprimé du plan d'études EDMI


Every year


Fundamentals of Noise in Electronic Devices, Random Mismatch Origins, Noise Analysis in Continuous-Time and Sampled-Data Circuits, Analyzing Mismatch and Yield in Analog Circuits, Noise Cancellation Techniques, Noise Sampling in Switched Capacitor Filters, Offset, CMRR and PSRR.



Analog Circuit, Noise, Electronic Devices, Continuous-Time, Sampled-Data, Switched Capacitor Filter, CMRR and PSRR.

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses

Analog circuits design I & II

In the programs

  • Subject examined: Techniques for Handling Noise and Variability in Analog Circuits
  • Lecture: 33 Hour(s)

Reference week