Supervising Students in Projects and Labs


Lecturer(s) :

Hardebolle Cécile
Isaac Siara Ruth




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In this hands-on course, participants will develop evidence-informed skills relevant to supervising and evaluating students working on projects and labs that are characteristic of science and engineering.


Practical work is an important component of the scientific and engineering curriculum, most commonly in the form of practical sessions in laboratories and projects. International research recognizes the value of practical learning for helping students to develop a wide range of important skills including inquiry and design skills as well as transversal skills such as working in teams and managing projects. In engineering and sciences programmes, there is an increasing use of projects and labs to enable students to develop both technical and professional skills through complex practical tasks, frequently done in teams.

When supervising practical learning activities, teachers and teaching assistants face numerous challenges such as:

In addition, there is evidence that learning happens from undergoing practical work only if students are driven to reflect and step back from the task to think explicitly about the process. Efficiently supervising "learning-by-doing" activities in science and engineering therefore requires specific teaching skills applicable both to one-to-one interactions and to coaching teams.

Using evidence from research in learning sciences, this course will introduce participants to teaching techniques that address these challenges and specifically apply to project and lab situations. Participants will get opportunities to practice these techniques on case studies and get feedback on their teaching skills.


This course will include:




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