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Summer School on Neurophysiology for Neural and Biomedical Engineering (2017)


Lecturer(s) :

Micera Silvestro




From 20/8 to 26/8/2017 - Zermatt (Switzerland)


The aim of the summer school is to bring fundamental knowledge of the main experimental tools and concepts in neurophysiology to the community of students working in neural engineering, neuroprosthetics or biomedical engineering fields


These new and promising research fields are a melting pot of skilled researchers from different backgrounds ranging from biology to physics.

This unique mixture of skills and personalities is required as these fields are at the interface between neuroscience and engineering. However, the daily rush to success, typical of modern PhDs, especially in the field of Bio¿Neural Engineering,

does not leave time to dig into the main neuro¿scientific concepts and basic experimental tools.

Questions like:

¿ how electromyographic signals are generated at the level of the nerve muscle


¿ what is the source of Lead Field Potentials in the cortex?

¿ how this knowledge can be used in the design of better prostheses or robots? would need a proper and diligent investigation.

Therefore we believe that a comprehensive course on what these concepts are and how they relate to engineering is of fundamental importance for a better informed use of state¿of the art scientific concepts and tools.

A summer school of basic science will also provide the time and the opportunity to develop new ideas that the deep knowledge of basic experimental neuroscience can provide to the attendees of the course, and therefore to the next generation of Neural and Biomedical Engineers.

Structure of the summer school

The summer school will be organized to have plenary speakers, providing the basic talks, and symposia speakers, presenting how basic neuroscience helps in their work. Plenary and symposia speakers will be invited to promote group

discussions with students.


Panel 1. Understanding neural circuits for perception and action

Prof. Sliman Bensmaia (Chicago University, US)

Prof.Rodrigo Quian-Quiroga (Leicester University, UK)

Prof Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL, CH)

Panel 2. Reading the brain

Prof. Arto Nurmikko (Brown university, US)

Prof. Daniel Huber (Geneva University, CH)

Panel 3. Interfacing the brain in clinical applications

Prof. Wael Asaad (Borwn University, US)

Prof. Alim Benabid (Grenoble University, FR)

Panel 4. Next generation enural interfaces

Prof. Stephanie Lacour (EPFL, CH)

Other scientific and networking activities

Night poster session

Students¿ project development and presentation

Networking dinners


Neuroscience, Neuroprosthetics, robotics, implants



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