BIO-693(10) / 1 credit

Teacher(s): Sandi Perez Maria del Carmen, Gräff Johannes, Invited lecturers (see below)

Language: English

Remark: Canceled for 2020-21


Only this year


This symposium "What is memory? Molecular, cellular and computational answers" brings together leading experts in the field of learning and memory who will share their latest findings on the eternal question- What are memories made of? A broad range of approaches will be covered



By the end of this course the student should be able to understand the different aspects of contemporary memory research.

Invited speakers:  Andreas Papassotiropoulos, Basel; Anne West, Duke; Cristina Alberini, NYU; Tobias Bonhoeffer, MPI; Steve Ramirez, BU; Davide Dupret, Oxford; Paul Frankland; Toronto; Inbal Goshen, Jerusalem; Claudia Clopath, London; Katharina Hencke, Bern; Liz Phelps, Harvard; Frederic Mery, Paris.


Genetics; epigenetics; synaptic plasticity; neurons; astrocytes; cognitive neuroscience; engram; evolution; emotion; oscillations; computation; consolidation.

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses


Recommended courses


Assessment methods

Students will be evaluated by giving short oral presentations in teams of two during the weeks that follow the symposium on one particular aspect covered during the symposium.

In the programs

  • Number of places: 24
  • Exam form: Oral presentation (session free)
  • Subject examined: State of the Art Topics in Neuroscience X
  • Lecture: 14 Hour(s)

Reference week