Science and technology of UV-induced polymerization


Lecturer(s) :

Dalle Vacche Sara
Leterrier Yves
Nouzille Eric Jacques
Sangermano Marco




Every year


The course presents the main classes of photopolymers and key factors which control photopolymerization. It explains how to select the right formulation and optimize processes for a given application. Standard and novel characterization methods, new materials and new applications are also presented.


1. Introduction to radiation processing
2. Fundamentals of free-radical systems
3. Components of photocurable formulations: photoinitiators, monomers, additives
4. Analytical methods: state of the art and new developments
5. Structure-property relations in UV curable polymers
6. Advances in UV-induced polymerization research
7. Application to UV inks and coatings, nanostructures and devices


Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

Polymer science, organic chemistry

Assessment methods

The course provides 1 ECTS, based on a written report (maximum 10 pages) on a topic relevant to UV polymers. The report should synthesize three technical papers A, B and C from open scientific literature and develop a short case study (for example using equation from paper A and data from paper B to model results from paper C, or designing a process method (formulation, UV intensity, time) using inputs from the 3 papers).



A copy of the course slides is provided at the start of the course.

In the programs

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      Project, other


  • Autumn semester
  • Winter sessions
  • Spring semester
  • Summer sessions
  • Lecture in French
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  • Lecture in German