EE-625 / 1 credit

Teacher(s): Fleury Romain Christophe Rémy, Matioli Elison de Nazareth, Choo Kyojin

Language: English

Remark: Next time: Spring 2023


Every year


This course introduces students with current broad research directions in electrical engineering, via a series of weekly wide-audience seminars given by distinguished speakers. The students practice transferable skills including active listening, critical thinking, and scientific communication.



Various prominent speakers (professors and industrials) in electrical engineering will be invited.


Seminars, presentation, active listening, critical thinking.

Assessment methods

Oral exam, presentations.

In the programs

  • Number of places: 50
  • Exam form: Oral presentation (session free)
  • Subject examined: Research seminars in Electrical Engineering
  • Project: 9 Hour(s)
  • Practical work: 21 Hour(s)

Reference week