CH-443 / 2 credits

Teacher: Moser Jacques-Edouard

Language: English


Following "Photochemistry I", this course introduces the current theoretical models regarding the dynamics of electron transfer. It focuses then on photoredox processes at the surface of solids. Current technological applications, as well as the most recent advances in the field are presented.



Electron transfer dynamics, Marcus theory, Fermi Golden Rule, Photoinduced electron transfer, Semiconductor photoelectrochemistry, Photoelectrochemical conversion of solar energy, Photovoltaics, Photocatalysis, Photography and xerography, Color theory, Optical data storage

Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

Quantum chemistry, Molecular spectroscopy, Photochemistry I

Teaching methods

Ex cathedra lectures

Assessment methods

Final oral examination


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    Copies of the slides are avallable in pdf format on the course's web site.


    In the programs

    • Exam form: Oral (winter session)
    • Subject examined: Photochemistry II
    • Lecture: 2 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks

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