Nanocomputing: Devices, Circuits and Architectures


Lecturer(s) :

Carrara Sandro
Demarchi Danilo
Graziano Mariagrazia
Piccinini Gianluca




Every year


Next time: Spring 2020


This course aims at giving the student a detailed overview of the computation circuits and systems for computations that are expected to become the main actor in the forthcoming scenario, going beyond the ultra-scaled CMOS technologies and focusing the attention on the emerging technologies.


The student will have a good overview of the novel solutions offered by the nanotechnologies. He will have an exaustive coverage starting from the technology, passing to the devices up to the architectures. One of the training goals of the course is to give to the student a scenario form which to choose a specific topic of particular interest, that will be studiedand developed for the preparation of the final Project Report.

1. State of the art: nanocomputing in ULTRA scaled CMOS:

2. Field coupled nanocomputing (FCN):

3. Nanoarray nanocomputing based on nanowires:

4. Logic in memory:

5. Alternative nanocomputing devices and architectures:


Nanocomputing; Beyond CMOS; Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA); Quantum Computing.

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses

Basic courses in silicon technologies and CMOS architectures.

Assessment methods

Project report.

In the programs

Reference week

      Exercise, TP
      Project, other


  • Autumn semester
  • Winter sessions
  • Spring semester
  • Summer sessions
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