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Modern photovoltaic technologies


Lecturer(s) :

Haug Franz-Josef
Heier Jakob
Romanyuk Yaroslav




Every year


Next time ONLINE (Zoom) block course June 8-12, 2020


A link between the fundamental physics, device operation and technological development of various solar cell technologies. Learning about all modern photovoltaic technlogies incl. industrially relevant wafer based silicon, thin film chalcogenide, III-V, multijunction, organic and hybrid solar cells.


Day 1

1.1 Introduction, solar cell basics and operation, current of solar cell technologies
1.2 Si wafer-based solar cells
1.3 CIGS & CdTe solar cells
1.4 III-V solar cells

Day 2

2.1  Organic semiconductors ' molecular orbitals and photoinduced processes
2.2. Organic and Dye-sensitized solar cells
2.3. Perovskite and Hybrid solar cells

Day 3

3.1. Absorption of semiconductors with direct and indirect bandgaps
3.2. Junction formation and processing of standard crystalline silicon solar cells
3.3. Advanced silicon solar cell designs


photovoltaics, inorganic semiconductors, organic semiconductors, optics, light management

Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

Basic physics, basic chemistry, introduction to quantum mechanics

Teaching methods

Three days teaching (ex-cathedra with short questions)

Expected student activities

One day to work on individual exercises and to prepare a 10 min presentation

Assessment methods

Presentaion of the assignment on the last day

In the programs

Reference week

      Exercise, TP
      Project, other


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