Modeling of advanced composites: processing and mechanical properties


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Michaud Véronique




Every 2 years


This course introduces the main phenomena in composite processing and mechanical as well as hygrothermal properties and the methods to model them, mostly analytically. Teaching is ex-cathedra with a term paper on a topic defined with the teachers.


1. Brief introduction on composites and their processing techniques
2. Composite processing: governing phenomena
3. Multi-phase flow, saturation and capillary phenomena
4. Mechanics of fiber reinforcement, introduction into process models
5. Effective property analysis
6. Stress transfer in short fiber composites
7. Fracture and damage models
8. Interfacial mechanics, residual stresses


Modeling, composite processing techniques, flow in porous media, composite mechanics, damage models, process-induced stresses.

Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

Prerequisites for the course include the knowledge of kinetics and transport phenomena, and of polymers, as relevant to materials science and engineering. Prior knowledge of basic composites (classical laminate theory, basic micromechanics) is recommended, upon request, some notes or references can be transmitted to the students.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

Transversal skills

Teaching methods


Assessment methods



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