MICRO-706 / 1 credit

Teacher(s): Le Gac Séverine, de Malsche Wim

Language: English

Remark: Next time in Spring 2024


Every 2 years


The course covers the entire field of lab-on-a-chip technology, including microfluidic principles and various microfabrication approaches, and presenting concrete examples of devices for (bio)analysis, cell biology, tissue regeneration and microreactors.



Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Bioanalysis, Microfabrication, Organ-on-a-Chip

In the programs

  • Number of places: 30
  • Exam form: Term paper (session free)
  • Subject examined: Microfluidics for lab-on-a-chip
  • Lecture: 14 Hour(s)

Reference week