Limestone-Calcined Clay - Cement : Characterisation methods


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Scrivener Karen




Every year


February 1st - 4th 2021


Le but est de former doctorants et post doctorants aux méthodes de charactérisation des ciments composés comme la microstructure, la diffraction des rayons X, la calorimétrie, la formulation et la durabilité dans le cadre des actions internationales du project LC3 financé par la DDC.


I ) Hydration of cements ( 4hours)

A)         Context why we need SCMs and calcined clays in particular

B)         Clay structure, why kaolinite, calcination temperature and methods, reactivity

C)         Back to hydration, the products

D)        Kinetics and mechanisms

E)         Practical work : calorimetry (2h)

F)         Practical work : SEM + samples preparation (4h)


II) XRD for cementitious materials ( 2-3hours)

A)         Introduction to XRD for cement

B)         Quantitative analysis using Rietveld

C)         Practical work : XRD (2h)

I ) Mechanical behaviour of cements (2 hours)

A)         Creep

B)         Shrinkage


III) Characterisation of microstructure (2h)

A)         Scanning electron microscopy

B)         Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry

C)         Proton NMR


IV) Rheology and mix design (2-3h)

A)         Basic of rheology

B)         Particle size distribution + Specific surface

C)         Concrete design


V) Durability  (4h)

A)         Carbonation

B)         Sulfate attack

C)         Chloride resistance

D)        Alkali silica reaction

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