Lecture series on Advances in Physics


Lecturer(s) :

Lingenfelder Magalí Alejandra
Various lecturers




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This course gives a comprehensive view of the main research topics being explored in the different sections of Physics, and the highlights from EPFL beyond the specific topic of each PhD. The students are guided through the topics starting from the basics to the highlights of each section.


The course will consist of 12-14 scientific talks per semester. The course is intended to cover most areas of Physics being explored at EPFL and rotate each semester with representative groups from the different sections. Eventually, all the groups will get the chance to present their research. The students are expected to take their own notes and do literature research concerning the background of the talks. Attending this course will help the students create more connections and find synergies with other students doing their PhD in Physics at EPFL.


This will be a weekly course running each semester, total 28h with an exam at the end (2 credits). 


Each of the invited speakers will deliver two 45-minute presentations:


  - first, a tutorial lecture on the fundamental principles of their research topic (the basics)
  - followed by a talk on their current research (focusing on the highlights). Total: 2h lecture, including Q&A.


For the Fall semester 2020, we have the following confirmed speakers:


Condensed Matter Physics: Prof. Mitali Banerjee, Prof. Cécile Hébert.
Astrophysics and Particle Physics: Prof. Pascale Jablonka, Prof. João Penedones, Prof. Lesya Shchutska.
Physics of Biological and Complex Systems and Theoretical Biophysics : Prof. Sahand Jamal Rahi, Prof. Paolo de los Rios, Anne-Florence Bitbol.
Plasma Physics: Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli.
Quantum Science and Technology: Prof. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, Prof. Christophe Galland, Prof. Jean-Philippe Brantut.



The course is intended to run each semester fall and spring, rotating speakers.

Students are most welcome to follow the lectures each semester. However, and for the EDPY PhD students, they can only obtain ECTS credit points during one single semester.


physics, condensed matter, biophysics, astrophysics, quantum science, particle physics, plasma physics

Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

General background in Physics at the Master level (3rd year)

Expected student activities

' Interpret topics of current research in Physics by learning about the latest developments directly from the researchers shaping their respective fields.
' Have a comprehensive knowledge of the main physics research topics being explored at EPFL,  beyond the specific topic of their PhD.


Transversal skills


' Communicate with professionals from different sections of Physics
' Identify synergies and foster 'bottom-up' collaborations across different fields
' Identify complementary skills that could strengthen the interaction and creativity of their own PhD research

Participation in class and discussion
Bibliographic research



research papers from each group presenting during the current  semester

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      Lecture series on Advances in Physics
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      28 Hour(s)

Reference week

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