LEARN-700 / 1 credit

Teacher(s): Dillenbourg Pierre, Kapur Manu

Language: English

Remark: Next time : July 8-10 2024


Every year


Two-day Winter School in Emmetten, Switzerland with JDPLS thesis directors and students. Students presented their recent research and took part in small-group discussions. Two keynote speakers gave presentations and joined discussions with students


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

  • Present their current research to an audience of peers and senior scholars and respond to questions and feedback

In the programs

  • Exam form: Oral (session free)
  • Subject examined: JDPLS Winter school
  • Lecture: 8 Hour(s)
  • Practical work: 10 Hour(s)

Reference week

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