CH-601(x) / 2 credits

Teacher(s): Patiny Luc, Bornet Aurélien, Abriata Luciano Andres, Emsley David Lyndon, Piveteau Laura

Language: English

Remark: Next time February 2023


Every year


Basic theoretical and experimental aspects of NMR will be taught. Students will be familarized with modern NMR spectrometers.


Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

Advanced nuclear magnetic resonance,CH-401 Prof L. Emsley or similar.

Assessment methods

2021: oral exam via Zoom

In the programs

  • Number of places: 12
  • Exam form: Oral (session free)
  • Subject examined: Basic and advanced NMR - Level 1 A (EPFL)
  • Lecture: 20 Hour(s)
  • Practical work: 23 Hour(s)

Reference week