PHYS-744 / 4 credits

Teacher(s): Brantut Jean-Philippe, Chipaux Mayeul Sylvain, Hempel Cornelius, Holmes Zoë, Manucharyan Vladimir

Language: English

Remark: Next time: Fall 2024


Every 2 years


This course provides an in-depth treatment of the latest experimental and theoretical topics in quantum sciences and technologies, including for example quantum sensing, quantum optics, cold atoms, theory of quantum measurements and open dissipative quantum systems, etc.



Quantum Science, Quantum Technology, Quantum sensing, Quantum Optics; Quantum simulation; Quantum measurement; Open systems; Cold atoms; Cavity optomechanics; Single photon detection

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses

Required : Quantum Optics I and II



Recommended courses

Recommended : Statistical Physics IV

Important concepts to start the course

strong background in classical mechanics and electromagnetism, knowledge of quantum mechanics

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

  • Describe current research in the field of quantum science and technology
  • Formulate the challenges in experimental quantum science
  • Use theoretical tools to describe real quantum systems

Teaching methods

Lectures with student's participation and hands-on activities.

Expected student activities

Actively participate to all lectures by asking questions. Deliver a final presentation on modern research topic.

Assessment methods

Each student will be presenting one of the proposed papers during a final symposium.



Advanced Topics in Quantum Sciences and Technologies is a graduate-level lecture series dedicated to PhD and Master students already possessing a background in quantum mechanics and quantum optics.

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In the programs

  • Exam form: Oral presentation (session free)
  • Subject examined: Advanced Topics in Quantum Sciences and Technologies
  • Lecture: 48 Hour(s)
  • Exercises: 24 Hour(s)

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