Fiches de cours 2018-2019


Summer School on Shaping the Future of Bioengineering


Lecturer(s) :

Maerkl Sebastian




Only this year


From 10/09 to 16/09/2017 - Davos (Switzerland)


Participatory learning of future challenges in the topics of technologies for biomedical application, synthetic and systems biology, tissue bioengineering. Learning how to present original work, communicate science, work in teams, discuss in small groups, network and search for job opportunities.


The program consists of 3-4 lectures per day, with coffee breaks in between. Each speaker will give a 90 min talk, folowing questions and open discussion with students. The current list of confirmed speakers includes:

Harmen Bussemaker, Columbia University (Keynote speaker, 2 lectures)

Paul Freemont, Imperial College London

Tom de Greef, Eindhoven University of Technology

Olivier Guenat, University of Bern

Luc Henry, EPFL

Misha Kudryashev, MPI

Sebastian Maerkl, EPFL

Nadanai Laohakunakorn, EPFL

Ivan Istomin, EPFL

Annie Moisan, Roche

Randall Platt, ETH Zürich

Víctor Serdio, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Metin Sitti, MPI Stuttgart

Tanja Weil, MPI Mainz

Colin Wheeler, Novartis

In the afternoon we are organising lectures requiring more active participation from students in form of flash presentations(4h), discussions with lecturers (8h), poster sessions (4h), company visit (2h), and project work in groups (8h).

Time after dinner we leave for less intense activities: soft skills workshop (2h), sciense quiz (2h) and carrier plannig workshop (2h).


This course is limited to max. 30 participants.


PhD Students in charge of the organization:

Ivan Istomin -

Evgenii Glushkov -

Mikhail Nikolaev -



bioengineering, synthetic biology, systems biology, tissue engineering

Assessment methods

Oral presentation / poster session



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