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Shaping the future of (bio)medicine


Lecturer(s) :

Fellay Jacques




Only this year


Participatory learning of future challenges in the topics of Biomedical technologies, Computational biology, Risk governance, ethics and Regulation. Learning how to present original work, communicate science, work in teams, discuss in small groups, network and search for job opportunities.


The program consists of 5 lectures per day, with coffee breaks in between. Each speaker will give a 45 min talk, folowing questions and open discussion with students. The current list of confirmed speakers includes:

Prof. Nicola Aceto, University of Basel

Prof. Francesca Baldelli Bombelli, Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Mario Bianchetti, Università della Svizzera Italiana

Prof. Roger Clerc, em Prof. University of Basel and EPFL

Prof. Valérie D¿Acremont, Centre Universitaire de médecine générale et santé publique

Dr. Genya Dana, Emerging Technology and Governance Expert

Prof. Jacques Fellay, EPFL

Prof. Luca Giorgetti, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

Prof. Greta Guarda, Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Prof. Ernst Hafen, ETHZ

Dr. Luc Henry, EPFL

Prof. Antonio Lanzavecchia, Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Prof. Olivier Michielin, CHUV

Dr. Annie Moisan, Roche

Prof. Inaam Nakchbandi, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Prof. Olaia Naveiras, EPFL

Prof. Dario Neri, ETHZ

Dr. Peter Nestorov, Founder and CEO of Scailyte

Prof. Sai Reddy, ETHZ

Prof. Simone Schürle, ETHZ

Workshop facilitation: Tim Beltraminelli, Flavia Aurelia Shoko Hodel, Ivan Istomin, Grégoire Michielin, Alessandro Pedrioli

In the afternoons of Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we are organising workshops requiring more active participation from students in form of MIT Hacking Medicine (14h), discussions with lecturers (4h), poster sessions (4h+4h preparation and presentation), and project work preparing for the Hacking Medicine (8h).

Time after dinner we leave for less intense activities: soft skills workshops (2h), science quiz (2h) and carrier plannig workshops (2h).


Maximum number of participants: 30

Location: Bellinzona, Switzerland

Date: May 12-17, 2019


precision medicine, hackathon, bioengineering, ¿open science¿, quality education



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  • Biotechnology and Bioengineering (edoc), 2018-2019
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      Oral presentation
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      Shaping the future of (bio)medicine
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      30 Hour(s)
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      12 Hour(s)
    • Practical work
      18 Hour(s)

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