Fiches de cours 2017-2018


Readings in Organization Economics


Lecturer(s) :

Visentin Fabiana




Every year


This course will expose students to a broad range of topics in a research field labeled as "Organizational Economics".


The course will be by focusing on the following main questions:

-          How is knowledge produced?

-          How do organizations manage the innovation processes?

-          How do industries evolve over time?

 While the primary purpose of the course is to expose students to a broad range of topics in a research field labeled as `Organizational Economics', an important secondary objective is to develop students' skills to critically evaluate research papers in the discipline. Doing so is the best way to learn how to design and structure research projects as well as how to develop theory and present it in the format of empirical research papers. For this reason, this course has a seminar format and requires students' active participation.

Expected student activities

To prepare for each session, students will read from the list for that day assigned. A discussion leader will review briefly the reading(s) assigned and comment on it(them). The rest of the class will then join in as interest and time dictates. 

Assessment methods

Grading will be based on class participation (50%) and a final oral presentation (50%).


Ressources en bibliothèque

In the programs

Reference week

      Exercise, TP
      Project, other


  • Autumn semester
  • Winter sessions
  • Spring semester
  • Summer sessions
  • Lecture in French
  • Lecture in English
  • Lecture in German