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Interfacial Electrochemistry of Metals and Semiconductors for Energy Conversion and Storage


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Hagfeldt Ulf Anders
Vlachopoulos Nikolaos




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Next time: Spring 2019


The course presents, with emphasis to fundamental physicochemical principles, the basic principles of electrochemical thermodynamics and physical and chemical kinetics as applied to electrochemical conversion systems: batteries, fuel and biofuel cells, electrolysers and photoelectrochemical cells.


  1. Summary of the principles of chemical and electrochemical thermodynamics of relevance to electrochemical energetics.
  2. Outline of basic concepts of solid-state physics of metals and semiconductors.
  3. Thermodynamics of the metal-electrolyte and semiconductor-electrolyte interface on the basis of the electrochemical potential concept. Absolute electrode potential, electrochemical vs. vacuum electrode potential scale for aqueous and nonaqueous electrolyte-based systems.
  4. Physical, chemical and electrochemical properties of aqueous, nonaqueous and solid electrolytes. Electrical conductivity and diffusion in electrolytes.
  5. Electrochemical kinetics and catalysis at metal and semiconductor electrodes, complex multi-step electrode reactions, adsorption effects.
  6. Comparative description of electrochemical and photoelectrochemical systems: primary and secondary batteries, fuel and biofuel (enzymatic and microbial) cells, water electrolysers, electrochemical photovoltaic (electricity-producing) cells. photoelectrosynthetic cells (including e.g. photoelectrochemical water splitting and electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction), photocatalytic cells, including electrochemical fuel and biofuel cells.
  7. Application of electrochemical principles to microdispersed photocatalytic systems for energy conversion.



Next session Spring semester 2017 (Mo+Fri)

Assessment methods

Examination:Written examination, homework assignments and one term paper.



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