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DATA THINK! Data Research & Ontology - a Transdisciplinary Discussion


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Kaufmann Vincent
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Next time: From 22/10/2018 to 26/10/2018


The objective of this block course is to offer the opportunity, for young researchers at EPFL, at other Swiss universities and from aboard, to develop a deep understanding of data across research fields.




Lecturer(s) :


We gather Swiss and International lecturers engaged in qualitative, quantitative and computational approaches, and have them discuss their view on data production, collection, analysis and sharing. Additionally, we want to provide the chance for an interdisciplinary discussion of how the new era of big data might invite us to revise our methods and provide new research possibilities across disciplines. We believe this interdisciplinarity format would greatly benefit young researchers with a holistic view on data in and beyond contemporary research pratices. Participants will be exposed to new epistemic movements (big data, bottum-up social theory) and state-of-the-art practices dealing with diverse kind of data. Working in trans-disciplinary teams, and benefiting from the guidance of our distinguished keynote speakers, they will refine the conceptual framework of their individual research projects and sharpen the relevance of their research questions.


The block course is structured as a five-day research seminar that includes keynote lectures, presentations by the doctoral students,  workshops, and general discussions and debate over research and data. The focus is on participatory research workshops that are thematic and output oriented.


Each day, keynote lectures set the thematic and methodological tone for the day. Lecturers elaborate on a particular topic specific to their scientific work, combining complementary addresses from more senior and experienced (morning) and younger researchers (afternoon). Participants work individually and collectively towards elaborating, exploring and further defining how the daily theme crosses and influences their doctoral research. Together with organizers, keynote lecturers will act as a discussants of their presentation and there will be personalized feedback and general discussion.


Participants will engage in daily workshops, assuring the  application and critical reflection of the content of each day. These workshops  are output oriented, and are conceived as working sessions where participants reformulate their own research under the view on data and research presented by the keynote lecturer.


A call for registration is open from August 1 to September 5, 2018. Please note that there is now an extended deadline for submitting your applications to Data Think! : September16th


In order to register, please send us your CV and a brief research statement (max 250 words) indicating the types of data you work with ( i.e.:archival data and drawings, economic flow or demographic data,  visual and pictorial material, biological or medical records, surface heat flow measurements, literary texts, etc) and the methods used to deal with them. Please, send your documents to:


This block course is co-organized by Dario Negueruela del Castillo (EPFL) and Shin Alexandre Koseki (Centre Habitat - EPFL).



This block course on data ontology is registered within two doctoral programs at EPFL (Architecture and Sciences of the City and Digital Humanities), and funded primarily by Swissuniversities.


Interdisciplinarity, Data, Ontology, Urbanism, Architecture, Social Science, Humanities, Space, Measurements, Metrics, Resources.



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