Fiches de cours 2017-2018


Data Analysis for management research Module I


Lecturer(s) :

Tucci Christopher




tbc - Spring 2018


The course is composed of 3 modules of 2 ECTS each, and students have to pass 2 modules in order to pass the course.


Module I:   Research Design and Surveying (Prof. Tucci)- first half of fall semester

The first module is oriented to developing research skills in and around organizations.  We will focus on levels of analysis and research design up to the organization level.  The focus will be on designing surveys and analyzing survey data.

Module II:  Data Calculation and Management (Prof. Younge)- second half of fall semester

This module covers the use of Python programming for the calculation of measures, and the use of data management tools such as SQL, data classification, and cloud computing for the development of data for alter analysis.

Module III:  Introduction to Econometrics (Prof. De Rassenfosse)- Spring semester overlapping with MGT-581

This module covers the OLS and ML estimators. It explains the problems associated with endogeneity and presents solutions (IV and panel data).

Class will be every MONDAY as per the master course MGT-581 schedule (theoretical part only).






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