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Climate economics for engineers


Lecturer(s) :

Thalmann Philippe
Vielle Marc
Vöhringer Frank




Every 2 years


Next time: Every two years / Next time fall 2018. Min 5 participants


The course introduces non economists to the economic analysis of climate change: economic activity and climate change, estimation of climate impacts, optimal mitigation and adaptation, national and international climate policy, instruments for climate policy.


Economic activity as a source of greenhouse gases, climate scenarios

Impacts of climate change: valuation and uncertainty, net costs (aggregation, intergenerational discounting)

Adaptation to climate change

Mitigation: mitigation as a public good, efficiency and sufficiency, abatement measures, marginal abatement cost curves, innovation

Solar radiation management: economics and governance

Instruments for climate policy: voluntary approaches, regulation, economic instruments

Climate policy: Swiss climate policy, international climate policy, prisoner's dilemma, cooperation, climate risk mitigation game


This course does not require any prior economic knowledge, but it is easier for those who attended ENV-615 "Environmental Economics for Engineers" or Env-620 "Environmental Economics for Engineers (2018)"

It will only be given for a minimum of 5 students.


climate change

Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

Recommended: ENV-615 Environmental Economics for Engineers (before 2018) or
Env-620 "Environmental Economics for Engineers (2018) from 2018

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:



Stern, N. (2015) Why Are We Waiting? The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change. Cambridge, MA, USA, MIT Press
OECD (2009) The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation: Policies and Options for Global Action Beyond 2012, Paris, France: OECD

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