Fiches de cours 2017-2018


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Atmospheric Boundary Layer


Lecturer(s) :

Khani Sina
Porté Agel Fernando




Every 2 years


Every two years / Next time : Fall 2018


This course covers the fundamental concepts, mathematical descriptions and physical interpretations of turbulent transport and energy exchange in the atmospheric boundary layer. The course includes eight chapters in total and requires some basic knowledge of fluid mechanics as the prerequisite.


The course will fairly follow the book `Introduction to Boundary-Layer Meteorology' by Roland Stull, Springer, reprinted (2009).

The covered chapters are as follows:

  1. Introduction to ABL characteristics: a boundary-layer definition, turbulent transport, virtual and potential temperature, boundary layer depth and structure.
  2. Statistics: mean flow and fluctuations, turbulence kinetic energy, mean and eddy fluxes. 
  3. Governing equations of turbulent fluxes: mean flow and fluctuations.
  4. Turbulent kinetic energy (TKE), stability and scaling: the TKE budget, stability concepts, the Obukhov length scale.
  5. Turbulence closure problem: Prandtl's mixing length theory, energetics of Reynolds equations.
  6. Spectral dynamics of turbulence:Fourier variables of the Navier-Stokes equations, the energy spectrum.
  7. Similarity theory: dimensional analysis, stable and convective boundary layers.
  8. Measurments and simulations: filed experiments, large eddy simulations.

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