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Summer workshop


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Cours basé à EPFL Fribourg. 4 weeks workshop offered in August-September 2016 (MA1 and MA3 only). Open to different sections depending on respective course book.


Ce cours multi-disciplinaire orienté projet est basé sur la conception et construction d'un bâtiment durable à haute performance et alimenté à l'énergie solaire pour la compétition Solar Decathlon, avec une combinaison d'objectifs en design, ingéniérie, construction et communication.


Integrated Design/Build Course: In this course, students will transition from the generation of digital design models to the prototyping and construction of physical components. Design documentation activities will include preparation of project drawings and project manual deliverable materials, project renderings and diagrams, and sustainable neighborhood and landscape planning. Construction management activities will include the creation of shop drawings for fabrication of components as well as design revisions. In addition, other management activities such as final cost estimation, final planning and scheduling, permitting, and site preparation will occur.

The Swiss Living Challenge project is focused on the design process, marketing strategies, and, ultimately, the final constructed built product. It is an advanced level course dedicated to the architectural design and engineering, project management and construction, communications and marketing of a high-performance, self-sustaining, zero-energy consuming residential building to compete in the Solar Decathlon US 2017 competition.

Compétences requises

Concepts importants à maîtriser



Acquis de formation

A la fin de ce cours l'étudiant doit être capable de:

Méthode d'enseignement

This is an intensive 4-weeks course for advanced students. It follows a professional  format with assigned work schedules, responsibilities, and deliverable deadlines.

As such, a high level of student engagement in the course is expected and mandated. Constructive criticism and professional expectations are a major component of this product-based course. Students are expected to embrace comments from experts, instructors, project managers, and other students in an effort to refine the quality of work produced.

Travail attendu

Grades are determined through steady completion of required work and the instructor's assessment of the student relative to:

[1] evidence of understanding fundamental project issues;

[2] improvement over the course of the session in both required skills and problem-solving;

[3] participation in project meetings;

[4] the strength and consistency of effort during the session; and

[5] most importantly, the ability to work proactively and cooperatively in a team environment while pursuing project goals persistently and critically.

Méthode d'évaluation

Midterm critique 30%: Teams will provide a presentation of their concept along with detailed construction plans.

Final critique 70%: Teams will provide a detailed presentation of their subproject and a detailed report containing the specifications of their design and supporting calculations. This report should represent the beginning of the project drawing set and the project manual.

All written material must be in English, narrative can be either in English or in French.



Mandatory readings:

Solar Decathlon 2017 Rules

Solar Decathlon 2017 Building Code

Solar Decathlon 2017 Proposal

SLC project brief

Sites web

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