Coursebooks 2017-2018


Mass spectrometry, principles and applications


Lecturer(s) :

Boyarkine Oleg
Gasilova Natalia
Menin Laure
Ortiz Trujillo Daniel
Patiny Luc
Sepulveda Francisco




Every year


Next time: March+ 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 September 2018 09:00-12:00 BCH5310 13:30-17:00 BCH1526


The goal is to provide students with a complete overview of the principles and key applications of modern mass spectrometry and meet the current practical demand of EPFL researchers to improve structural analsis of molecules. Numerous instrumental aspects of mass spectrometry are described.


The course program includes:

Week 1
1. Lectures
1.1 General introduction to MS: Definitions/Instrumentation
1.2 MS/MS:fragmentation methods and mechanisms; Ion Mobility MS
1.3 LC-MS and other hyphenated techniques
1.4 ICP-MS
1.5 Summary of all concepts and fundamental MS aspects seen during the week.

2. Exercises:
Ms.cheminfo org tools for advanced MS
3. Pratical work:
3.1 Fragmentation of small molecules (sugars, small peptides) using QTOF and FT-Orbitrap- MS, fragmentation by EI; interpretation of mass spectra using different tools and softwares.
3.2 Individual work for each doctorant topics.

Week 2
1. Lectures
1.1 High Resolution Mass spectrometry
1.2 Photo-dissociation spectroscopy mass spectrometry
1.3 Peptidomics/Proteomics: top-down and bottom-up approaches
1.4 MALDI-TOF: principles and applications
1.5 Ion Mobility MS

2. Exercises
Exercices on all topics covered by the MS course

3. Final exam
15'presentation of each PhD student of its individual Practical Work

The course includes practical work in mass spectrometry that will be given in the Mass Spectrometry Service Facility of ISIC (SSMI, SB, EPFL).


1 week early March and 2nd week early September 2018 (block)


mass spectrometry, tandem mass spectrometry, High-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS), liquid chromatography, Gas chromatography, quantification, proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, proteomics

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      Mass spectrometry, principles and applications
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      23 Hour(s)
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      8 Hour(s)
    • Practical work
      27 Hour(s)

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