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Before the Standard Model


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Wulzer Andrea




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Only this year / Next time: Fall 2017


The course aims at describing the state-of-the-art comprehension of Electro-Weak interactions, as provided by the Standard Higgs Model (SM), from the slightly unusual perspective of the “No-Lose Theorems” that were exploited in the course of its construction and experimental validation.


In the process, students will learn advanced theoretical tools such as Effective Field Theories, the Stueckelberg approach to gauge invariance in connection with renormalizability, and the Equivalence Theorem. While aimed at describing the SM, the course outlines a perspective and introduces tools that are widely employed in the study of Beyond-the-SM (BSM) theory and phenomenology.

The course is built around the concept of 'No-Lose Theorems', defined as absolute guarantees of discovering new phenomena under suitable experimental conditions. It is argued that the existence of these theorems is what made highenergy physics play the leading role in fundamental research over the last half a century. Three No-Lose Theorems are presented, together with all the theoretical tools needed for their formulation and for drawing their implications. The detailedprogram reads:

Beyond the Fermi Theory:

Beyond the Bottom Quark:

Beyond the IVB Theory:


Higgs Model, Beyond the Standard Model, Effective Field Theory, High-Energy Physics

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Basic knowledge of the Standard Model and of Quantum Field Theory is required

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