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Advanced Topics in Computational Science for Multiphysics Problems


Lecturer(s) :

Quarteroni Alfio




Next time: Fall 2017


Numerical solution of parametrized Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) based on domain decomposition, reduced basis methods, control problems, fluid structure interaction problems. Application to physiological and environmental flows. Basic knowledge of numerical solution of PDEs requested.


After recalling the finite element formulation for flow equations, we will introduce advanced domain decomposition methods for parallel computing. Then we will discuss their generalization to heterogeneous and multiphysics problems. In particular we will discuss the case of nonconforming approximations, the use of the ICDD (interface Control Domain Decomposition) method, and that of efficient parallel preconditioners for fluid structure problems and, more generally, multiphysics problems. Then we will consider Reduced Basis Methods for the efficient solution of parametrized partial differential equations. Forward, inverse, and optimal control problems will be analyzed. Applications will be concerned with the modeling of the cardiovascular system and the interaction of Navier-Stokes and Darcy equations for environmental flows.


Partial differential equations, Scientific Computingm Finite Elements, Multiphysics Problems

Learning Prerequisites

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Analysis 1 and 2, Numerical Analysis

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  • Mathematics (edoc), 2017-2018
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      Oral presentation
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      Advanced Topics in Computational Science for Multiphysics Problems
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      20 Hour(s)
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      8 Hour(s)

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